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Q: Can I get BBC/UTV through the new Saorview service?
A: No, BBC/UTV are not available through Saorview. In order to have more than the Saorview Digital Irish Channels, you would need a HD Combo Box.

Q: I have an aerial that has been giving me 8 channels ie the 4 Irish Channels and 4 English Channels. What would I need to go digital?
A: The aerial (if it’s in good condition) can be used to get the Saorview digital Irish channels but you would need a satellite dish and a HD Combo Box to get the Irish and English Channels together.

Q: I am thinking of cancelling my Sky subscription. Will I be able to record programmes on the HD Combo Box and does it have series link?
A: You can record programmes on the HD Combo Box using an external hard drive. This allows you to record any Soarview channel while watching any other channel or record any Freesat channel but you must watch a Saorview channel while a Freesat channel is recording. Combo Boxes do not have series link but do allow you to have over 150 Digital channels, some in HD, with no monthly subscription.

Q: I have an aerial and satellite dish. What do I need to get digital Soarview/Freesat?
A: If your aerial and satellite dish are in good working order, you can buy a HD Combo box from our online shop. (need help? Why not get a call out? Our call out charge is €60).

Q: I wish to have these channels in several rooms. Do I need a digital box in each room?
A: Yes, digital TV needs a receiver at each TV. Check out our multiroom installation price list.

Q: I have an aerial. When will I lose my analogue channels and when can I switch to Saorview Digital?
A: Saorview is available right now and is running alongside your current aerial channels. In late 2012, the analogue signal will be switched off and the Saorview Digital signal will be left.

Q: Does switching to Saorview mean I can get rid of my old aerial?
A: It is a common misconception that an aerial is not needed for Saorview. Saorview is a digital aerial service and needs an aerial to work. A small aerial is usually all that is needed and can work in your attic as well as outside. An older larger aerial can be replaced with a smaller one.

Q: What is Saorview?
A: Saorview is a digital TV service from RTE that was launched in May 2011 and will be available to 98% of the population. Saorview is to take over from the analogue TV service which is due to be switched off at the end of 2012. Switching to SAORVIEW will give you amazing Digital quality channels, with some channels in HD and no monthly subscription.