Switching to SAORVIEW will give you amazing Digital quality channels, with some channels in HD and no monthly subscription.

In order for you to receive the digital terrestrial service, you will need a suitable aerial installed. (If you already have an aerial, it may be suitable to pick up the digital channels). You will also need a digital terrestrial receiver. There are a few options when it comes to receiving Irish Digital terrestrial:

1. A digital receiver (DTT Mpeg4) set top box can be fitted to receive the Irish digital channels. These receivers can be used with your existing television and appropriate DTT aerial.

2. Combo Receivers are dual satellite and aerial tuners, which can be used to receive Irish digital channels and Freetoair satellite channels (including HD Channels) in the one receiver. These combo receivers can be used with your existing television and an appropriate aerial and satellite dish.

3. Televisions with built in (Mpeg4) digital tuners can receive DTT Irish channels. If you are buying a television, it is important to ask if the television you are purchasing has a DTT tuner (Mpeg4) built into it.